UnPanic Button article featured on Prepper Website Podcast

Our article “The UnPanic Button: Two Strategies for Interrupting an Anxiety Attack Without Drugs” by Spice has been featured on The Prepper Website Podcast Episode 123 is a companion to The Prepper Website, the best prepping link 

The Prepper Website Podcast is really good, and it covers several articles from around the prepper web every day, if you haven’t heard it before take a few minutes and give it a listen.

From The Prepper Website Podcast’s website: 

ABOUT THE HOST: Todd Sepulveda started prepping in December 2009.  After spending time researching, learning and prepping, he noticed the need to have one central location where great preparedness content could be found.  He started Prepper Website in Sept. 2011.  The website is a DrudgeReport style website that links to quality articles daily.  Read more of the Prepper Website story here.

Todd started The Prepper Website Podcast in February 2017.  Besides staying committed to a prepared lifestyle, Todd is also a pastor and educator.

The Anxiety Attack article discusses to strategies that people can use to end an attack without resorting to drugs or other herbal remedies, both of which may well be in short supply in a SHTF situation.



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