4 Gun Mistakes article featured in The Prepper Website Podcast

The (excellent) Prepper Website Podcast (clicky) included our Prepping Guns: 4 Lessons To Learn From My Expensive Mistakes in Episode 118.

Show host Todd Sepulveda (who runs multiple prepper websites including the (excellent) Prepper Website, a daily aggregator of prepping information that I personally check daily and highly recommend.  

Todd reads the article (and, as an aside, he properly pronounced the Chiappa company name, so if you want to know how to pronounce the name listen to this podcast, the way he says it is correct) and he offers some further observations about the article and the subject of learning from mistakes and prepping firearms in general.

In addition, he talks about local responders in an EMP situation. Interestingly, I was listening to the podcast after just having finished an article (to be published here in about a week) about local emergency management agencies and how they are trained to react in various different situations. Spice and I are active in an agency that coordinates first responder units and does training, and this year’s scenario we trained was long-term power outage. 

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EP. 118 – Gun Lessons, Prepping with Disability, Local Responders in an EMP


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