Review: Windham Weaponry SCR AR M4 flattop

Today’s review is the Windham Weaponry SCR AR M4 flattop.

Philosophy Of use:

Wearing a Pulsar Digital Night VIsion scope, to be reviewed seperately

Wearing a Pulsar Digital Night VIsion scope, to be reviewed seperately

Primary defense weapon for tactical situations. There’s really no need to expound up on the .223/5.56 NATO MF AR platform’s philosophy of use, you either know what one is for, or you don’t. You either like the .223/5.56 round, or you don’t. This is a “commodity” gun, tons of companies make virtually the same firearm… the question is all about if it’s a GOOD version of the AR. These Windham rifles are.


This is pretty much generic standard AR flat top, made in the factory that formerly made Bushmasters. You can read about the Windham story on the web, if you don’t know it, then Google it… it’s a good story.

Except for quality differences, all of these guns are basically very similar… This gun has all the standard parts, collapsible stock (non-mil spec tube), this particular gun is completely a flat top (no front sight to get into the scope picture) so whatever optics you are going to put on the gun, you need to plan for… if you use collapsible sights, keep in mind you are going to have a short sight picture.

This version of the gun comes with a simple heat shielded hand guard without any mounting rails, although the holes for rail mounts are pre-drilled. On the ones I have put rails on, all you have to do is pop the hand guard off the gun, pry out the heat shielding, screw on the rails, put the heat shield back and pop it back on. Very simple.

The one pictured below is my wife’s gun, it has a rail mounted to the bottom of the hand guard so she can have a forearm grip. It’s also got her night scope on it, a Pulsar N750 Digi-sight (I will do a review of it some time if anybody cares about it). The rear iron sight doesn’t fit on the rail with the big ass footprint of the night vision scope, but I generally outfit our AR’s with 45 degree angle iron sights and Nikon P223 scopes on Nikon mounts. She keeps her rear sight in her web gear.

The gun uses the standard AR gas impingement system, so it’s one of the “traditional” types of AR’s.

Wearing a Pulsar Digital Night VIsion scope, to be reviewed separately

Build quality:

Excellent. Receiver is very well done, has a good trigger group installed, the bolt carrier group functions smoothly and reliably, the overall finishing touches are excellent. Frankly, as somebody who has friends who have circa 2010-2011 Bushmasters, the Windham guns are MUCH better in the fit and finish department.

Tale Of The Tape:

Stock: Windham multi-position on non-mil spec tube
Caliber: .223/5.56 NATO
Weight unloaded: 6.5 pounds with iron sights
Length: 36.125 with the stock extended
Barrel: 16″ M4 profile chrome lined, A2 flash suppressor made of 4150 CroMoly
Twist: 1 in 9
Comes in hard plastic case
MSRMP $1040
Street: $850


Isn’t this always where the rubber hits the road? The gun may look and feel great, but how does it shoot?

The answer is excellent. These guns (I own four of them) are tack drivers.

They have proven to be 100 percent reliable (NOTE: I use Magpul mags, not the factory mags… nothing wrong with the factory mags, I just prefer Magpul) and consistent.They reliably shoot both brass and steel case, and they simply do not jam.

One of the things that impressed me most about the Windham is the stock triggers. They are great (for stock triggers), very crisp and with a clear and repeatable breakover. If you miss what you are shooting at with one of these guns, it’s on you, not the gun. This is a 1 MOA gun pictured above.


Honestly, there’s not much more to say about this gun. You all know what an AR is, and you know what they do. You know their strengths and weaknesses, and you know all about the .223/5.56 NATO rounds.

This is a good, reliable, well finished and reasonably priced AR M4 clone.



  1. Thank you for the review. I’ve been trying to decide what type of AR to purchase, and your review solves the problem for me. I’ve added it to my wishlist for the next present I purchase for myself.

    I would like to hear about the scope when you get time to write a review.

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