Guns are my biggest prepping problem…

They are not my biggest problem because I am afraid of them, don’t know how to use them, wife won’t let me have any…

No, my biggest problem is that I LOVE THEM and love buying them and shooting new/different guns…

Spice shooting an SBR Sig 9mm

This has, regrettably, caused me time-and-again to spend far too much of our resources on guns, and some times far too little on everything else. Face it, if you could buy a new S&W wheel gun, or use that same money to buy a Country Living Grain Mill, which would you do? SMART people, if they already owned plenty of hand guns, would buy the grain mill. Me? Well… I might have to hang my head in shame if I told you what I did (to be fair, we do have 3 grain mills, just not one as nice as the Country Living one).

Spice is no help at all. She loves guns as well, and she’s all like “well, if you want it, we have the money, get it.” Sounds great, right? I suppose it is, but really, it’s the 15th wheel gun we’ve got…

On the bright side, and this is how I actually look at it, I see these guns as investments… as transitional, tangible wealth. A S&W wheel gun, if bought right (used, mint condition) has tangible value and no matter what the money system is, it will remain a valuable item to own. In a sense, it’s like a savings plan.

Or so I delude myself.

The moral of my story? Even though I love guns, I have to put them aside and do the rest of the preps that are not as much fun… prepping rewards those who’s supplies are well rounded. 



  1. IMHO guns are not investments. They are tools. They are fun. They are security. They are not investments. Buy them because you like them. That’s all the reason you need.

  2. Paranoid, my good man, we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one… I understand your views, they are rational and make a lot of sense… I just take a different approach to the way I look at things. Said with all due respect because I know you know what you are talking about.

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