Podcast: We open up our get-home bag

I’ve got to admit it, in the prepping community there seems to be a bizzare fascination with the collecting, construction and contents of get home bags, three day bags and bugout bags.

I’ve seen people come to verbal blows on the subject on prepping forums, to the point where somebody eventually whips out the Navy seal copy pasta… 

These three types of bags ARE important, but the amount of contention I have seen about them borders on the downright silly.

In this episode, we open up Spice’s “get home” bag that she carries with her in her car. Keep in mind that this car rarely travels more than 40 miles from home, so that very much affects the contents of what she has in it.


One thing we both highly recommend is some form of lithium battery powered boost charger for the car, the stronger the better. It comes in handy in SO many ways. Here’s what she has in her car. 


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