Product Review: The Yukon Growler – it’s not just for beer…

Incredibly effective insulation. Doesn’t form surface condensation. Wide mouth so it can be used for food.  Threading on the lid isn’t wonderful.

Why review what is essentially a really big beer Thermos on a preparedness site?  Because it’s so very useful for when you have to stay outside in extreme weather.  

Three problems that this product helps solve are a part of midwest outdoor life.  

First, the most common problem occurs when it is very hot outside. When the sun starts scorching you, it’s hard to drink enough. It’s even harder to stay properly hydrated when all you’ve got is hot water.  Bladder systems in a backpack are great for handiness, but your body heat just warms the water even worse than a canteen.  I filled a 64 oz Yukon growler with ice and water and it still had half the ice 30 hrs later.  The water died horribly as I was eager to drink plenty while working in the heat.

The flip side is more rare, but more serious.  Water bottles freeze, especially at the point of delivery (nipple or sipper).   It does you no good to be hauling around a block of ice.  Besides, that hot water could be coffee or tea; a significant comfort.

The third problem depends on this growler’s wide mouth.  Making hot food in it in the morning when you might already be heating other thing saves both fuel and time at lunch.  Drop some dehydrated soup vegetables and beef or chicken crumbles in there with boiling water in the morning and you’ve got hot soup to serve several people at lunch….probably dinner as well, based on how long the ice keeps in this.

The other reason I bothered to talk about something designed more to carry your craft beer with you than for prepping purposes is that this one worked better than I thought it could.  It’s not thick-walled, but it still maintained temperature wonderfully and developed no condensation  even at the lid on a humid, 90 F plus day.  Yukon works as well as my Yeti, and the Yukon’s a lot cheaper ($30 for the 64 oz).  The only knock I have on the product is that the threads aren’t the greatest; the lid will cross-thread if you aren’t careful.

You can also get a cover with carrying straps for the thing.  I’ve got one, but given the efficiency of the bare flask it may not be worth the bulk to add more insulation.  It does add a better carry strap. 

A growler in its carry case. More growler reviews to come as we test different models.


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