Book Review: Island of the Lost

Island of the Lost:  Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World, by Joan Druett The story is so improbable I’d have thought it a pretty heavy-handed morality tale … except it’s true.   Two ships, with two very different crews… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: This Crap Isn’t Funny Any More – Diarrhea Can Kill You

There we were, driving down to the land of salt water and waves for a winter vacation…when the norovirus hit.  Good readers, I was never more glad to have our emergency med kit than when raging diarrhea hit during a… Continue Reading


Prepper Estate Planning: Beginning Planning For Grandchildren

One of the awkward moments in every Prepper fiction book is the moment when the protagonist acquires the wherewithal to buy all the “stuff” he needs.  In some cases, the book will simply start with all of the shopping done,… Continue Reading


Four Things Explaining Why We Are In Favor Of Gun Control

Glock 17 Girl

At 3BY, we think that every person should be in total control of every gun they own. Here are the four “basic tenants of gun control” that are universally accepted. We didn’t write these, but we endorse them wholeheartedly. 1.… Continue Reading


Podcast: Choosing A Bug-Out Location, Things To Consider

In this week’s episode of the 3BY podcast, we talk about things to consider if/when it’s time to look into finding a Bug-Out Location (BOL) otherwise known as a survival retreat, something similar to The Place. We talk not only… Continue Reading


Three Prepper Fails To Learn From

Experience is the best teacher … but is she really anyone’s favorite?  Here’s your chance to learn from my mistakes.  Also, if you’re generous in the comments, to wring more good out of your own fails by letting someone else… Continue Reading


Driving through water, an outstandingly quick way to die

Want a really fast and interesting way to kill yourself? Try driving through running water of unknown depth… that will do a really good job of (at the very least) destroying your most expensive possession and likely ending your life. … Continue Reading


Six Common Prepper Mistakes To Avoid

I’ve been around the online prepper community for a while, and I keep seeing the same mistakes being made over and over again by preppers.  The number one mistake I see people make is a lack of attention to their… Continue Reading


Review: Cobra ACXT1035R GMRS-FRS waterproof floating walkie talkies

Cobra ACXT1035R FLT handheld transceiver

There’s probably no bigger “bogus” claims in all of advertising right now than the “range” claims of handheld GMRS/FRS “walkie talkie” radios (BTW I hate the name “walkie talkie”, it’s so very junior-high, isn’t it?). I’m sure we’ve all seen… Continue Reading


Prepping for a Nuclear Event in Suburbia

While my modus operandi has been to largely ignore the type of disaster until it actually happens, there has been concern that New York City would be a terrorist target, . . . again, with the terrorists using a dirty… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: When the heat Stays on for too long – Heat injury

It was a firm belief of my mother that “No one ever drowned in sweat.”  Just in case, she taught us to swim though. And she taught us the basics of today’s topics…I admit I’ve supplemented that a bit from… Continue Reading


Podcast: Rainwater collection & water storage at both home and The Place

In this edition of the 3BY podcast, Salty and Spice take a look at their current water collection and storage situation at both the homestead and at The Place. Spice details her water collection system and drip irrigation systems at… Continue Reading


Guns are my biggest prepping problem…

They are not my biggest problem because I am afraid of them, don’t know how to use them, wife won’t let me have any… No, my biggest problem is that I LOVE THEM and love buying them and shooting new/different… Continue Reading


The Heat is On…but the power isn’t

This topic somehow rose naturally to the top of my mind as I worked and stayed at the (powerless)  cabin at The Place on these 95 F days.  No problem, for reasons you’ll see below, but it brings up a… Continue Reading


Battling the Hydra: The Autumn Olive menace to a BOL, and how to combat it

BOL is shorthand for a bug-out location, and the expression is usually used for a spot out in the country where a family can get away from it all.  Some BOL keepers spend considerable thought on things like lines of… Continue Reading