The BOV Saga: Part 1

One of the more entertaining Prepper pursuits is Bug Out Vehicles (BOV) and with my crew of 20 children and grandchildren, you might think my BOV would look like the one pictured.  Unfortunately, I can only aspire to such a… Continue Reading


Product Review: The Loveable Loo composting toilet system

First off, this is more of a system than a product.  Although they will sell you things, happily, the people at humanurehandbook.com will also give you the plans for the stuff they sell, provide free instruction, and you can build… Continue Reading


Podcast: We Come To Suck Your BLOOD!!! (The audio version)

Some useful links for you:  CDC’s Tick Borne Diseases Health Provider Manual (PDF) How To Choose An Insect Repellent Poster (PDF) What Every School Nurse (Or Parents) Need To Know About Tick Born Diseases


Food review: Louisiana Red Beans & Rice from Backpacker’s Pantry

This is a dehydrated pouch meal meant as camping supplies but certainly suitable as fairly shelf-stable and compact storage food that doesn’t need refrigeration.  You add boiling water to the pouch, stir, seal it up for about 20 min, and… Continue Reading


The Ebola Scare: Take Home Lessons For The Paranoid Prepper

The Ebola Scare: Spice did a nice post on Pandemics.  I’ve never been in a Pandemic, so I suspect Murphy has one planned for my future.  However, we did have an Ebola scare a couple years back, from which I… Continue Reading


Review: Kel-tec PF9 9mm CCW

Today’s review is the Kel-tec PF9 9mm concealed carry gun. The PF9 is a compact 9mm semi-auto double-action only weapon. Is this gun a great answer for concealed carry? Perhaps for you, definitely not for me. Philosophy Of use: There’s… Continue Reading


The Prepared Car: Some tips & advice about automobile preps

If you listen to the podcasts, it will not shock you to learn that Salty and I cover a lot of miles by car.  Well, in rural Missouri, pretty much everything is a goodly drive away.  That’s hardly unique though;… Continue Reading


Review: Loma Linda Canned “Swiss Stakes” (not a typo)

We are always looking for medium-term storage food (3-5 years), and recently picked up a few Loma Linda products to test them out. First up? Loma Linda “Swiss Stakes”.  The “Stakes” are not actually meat, they are vegetarian textured vegetable… Continue Reading


Bleach is a Prepper’s Friend … temporarily

Bleach.  We’re talking the common household variety, about $2.50 a gallon at the nearest big box store.  More formally, sodium hypochlorite dilute solution (usually 5.25%, although ‘household bleach’ varieties range from 3-6% solutions).   In chem-speak, it’s a potent oxidizing… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper in NJ: Hurricane Sandy caused havoc all around, but for us? Not so much.

I’ve been through more than my share of hurricanes over the years.  People don’t think of New Jersey when they think of hurricanes.  They think of Florida.  However, every few years we get one hurricane that tracks right up the… Continue Reading


And the winner for Most Food per Foot is?

The potato bin! Or so I’ve read, and by the end of the year I’ll see if it’s true.  Building and planting a potato bin is one of my garden experiments this year.  (Every year I try a few new… Continue Reading


Garden pests? Just share your beer …

Slugs.   Ugs.   Giant slugs that not only gnaw on your strawberries, tomatoes, and other formerly-fine produce, but leave sliiimmmeeeee all over what’s left…triple ug.  And don’t even get me *started* about what happens if you walk out into… Continue Reading