When it’s hard to choose…Pick Both!

Rack Of Cans

It’s hard to know how much of one’s time and treasure to spend preparing for unpredictable events.  Too little, and you’re left hanging in the wind when life throws a curve (as it inevitably will, eventually).  Too much and you… Continue Reading


Risky Business: Risk Management For Survival

Humans are naturally terrible at risk assessment.  The situations in which our native intuitions developed are not the situations in which we now live; so our intuition no longer serves us very well.  We have two very strong and not… Continue Reading


Review: Augason Farms Cheesy Broccoli and Rice (Instant)

This is what I’d call a ‘good base for an entree’ entry in the reasonably priced, long term storage, easy preparation food.  It’s not special, but is of good quality and tastes pretty good.  There’s not much broccoli, but enough… Continue Reading


Where Am I Going To Put All This Stuff?

After the WTC experience, I realized there was no way I could predict the type of disaster.  I never in my wildest imagination (wild at times) could have dreamed that one up.  Suicidal maniacs hijacking airplanes and flying them into… Continue Reading


Review: Crickett .22 Kids Single Shot, Also A GHB & BOB Option?

Crickett Precision Rifle

Today’s review is of the Crickett .22 bolt action children’s rifle. The Rifle In All It’s Glory! This gun is one of several designed specifically for the “children’s” gun market. The Crickett’s biggest competitor is with the Savage Rascal (to… Continue Reading


Podcast: How Not To Die In The Coming Great Pandemic

Spice & Salty tear into pandemics, using the 1918 “Spanish” Flu epidemic as an example. Spice, an expert in pathophysiology, spills the beans about the spread & science behind killer pandemics, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones.… Continue Reading


Planning to Bug Out? Look to the darkness…

Light Pllution Photo For Prppers via NASA

One thing we have come to expect in the modern First World is light. Light by day, light by night.  Where we gather together, we bring light. The more people, the lighter it is 24/7/365. While many people consider this… Continue Reading


Picking Perennials Part III: The Tame and the Wild

Pre-death raspberry

When Salty mentioned developing a new category of posts about “If We Had it to Do Over Again”, it wasn’t hard to come up with candidates.  I’ve done some of my best remembered learning ‘the hard way’ after all.  My… Continue Reading


Review: Ye Ole .22 Single Shot

.22 Marlin Single-Shot Rifle

Today’s review is of the “Ye Ole Single Shot .22” This review is going to be completely different from most of my other reviews (except for “Ye Ole Smoke Pole” (coming soon – a similar type of gun), because I… Continue Reading


Picking Perennials, Part II: In for the Long Haul

It’s December.  You’d love to have your spouse’s favorite – cobbler – for dessert; or give the kids something sweet and healthy to carry with them for a snack. Some raspberry tea would go down pretty good, too. The grocery… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper: An Introduction

World Trade Center courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Salty’s Note: The following is by Featured Contributor Paranoid Prepper, and is Part One of a multi-article series about his prepping outlook and style, plus his environment and circumstances (Jersey). Paranoid Prepper: An Introduction Different people have different circumstances.  As preppers we… Continue Reading


That’s Entertainment! (Keeping Spirits Up When The Power Is Down)

Puzzle Book

“Ok, power company….it’s been three hours without power now, and the kids are getting a scared look in their eyes as they watch their batteries run down, and it’s too dark in here to play cards….Power company?!?” …. Seen on… Continue Reading


Review: Ruger American Rifle 8301 in .22LR

Ruger American Rifle 8301

Today’s review is the Ruger American Rifle Model 8301 chambered in .22LR. The Ruger Model 8301 is a bolt gun that fits 10/22 magazines, so you get the best of both worlds, the mags interchangeable with the 10/22(s) you probably… Continue Reading


Review: Organic Tomato Basil with Pasta soup mix, Augason Farms

Why all the Augason Farms reviews?  Because we’re trying out a selection as we seek long term storage, easy cook solutions.  MREs are sorta ok, but too much of it is junk food (desserts and sugared drinks), they’re bulky, and… Continue Reading