Food on the Fin Part 3: Stocking and internal habitat.

Our first plan was to get some neat fish cover in the newly built pond before it built.  And if there had been even a single day between ‘dam built’ and ‘pond full’ that might have happened.  But nope, the… Continue Reading


Podcast: Glocks, Glocks and more Glocks…

Salty and Spice get down to business talking about the guns that the two open carry while at The Place. Glocks are also used by the pair as two of their prime home defense weapons, and one of the smaller… Continue Reading


Night Music: The Place in the spring

I posted this on YouTube a couple of years ago, but it’s kind of fun so I thought I would post it here as well… This is what The Place sounds like on a spring evening….


Volunteering for community disaster management duty: A different kind of prep

I’ve become an executive staff member of our county-wide emergency response team headquarters as a prep. As a member of the executive staff (volunteer position) I am a part of all conversations with our local emergency management governing body, and… Continue Reading


Food on the Fin Part 2: Erosion control & fish/wildlife habitat

This is Part 2 of a series (see Part 1 by clicking here) on the site selection, design, construction, finishing & stocking a pond to hold fish and non-polluted water for emergency use. If you missed the first part, you can… Continue Reading


Spare eyeglasses: A prep often forgotten about or ignored

Eyeglasses are a prep that lots of people ignore, and for some it’s not a big deal… if you don’t wear them, then obviously for everyday activities you don’t need them, fair enough. BUT… if you DO wear them, at… Continue Reading


Review: ISSC M-22 “Glock Clone .22”

Today’s review is the ISSC M-22, the “.22 Glock Clone” whose purpose in the preppers/survivalists arsenal is to be an inexpensive trainer for Glock owners who can shoot .22LR instead of the more expensive center fire ammo that Glocks eat.… Continue Reading


Soapbox: All hat, no cattle preppers / survivalists, a micro-rant

Is it just me, or do many online “survivalist/preppers” come off to you as “all hat, no cattle” types? I’ve been reading posts on blogs & on forums, and I gotta admit some of them are just really making me… Continue Reading


Food on the Fin Part 1: Building a pond as a fresh food & water larder

We need food and water to survive. This post talks about how we addressed both issues at The Place. We spent years looking for acreages that 1) were big enough to build a survival retreat on that could support us;… Continue Reading


Review: Rock Island Armory (Armscor) M200 .38 Special Revolver

Today’s review is the Rock Island Armory (Armscor) M200 .38 Special revolver with a 4 inch barrel. I bet I’ve stumped you guys with this one… what on earth would a prepper/survivalist want with an inexpensive, imported .38 Special wheel… Continue Reading


Picking Perennials: Variety is the Spice of Life

Deciding to plant perennial food plants is easy.  It offers get of sun-ripened goodness.  You can get shade, attract pollinators, deter trespassers, maybe help out some people in your community who can’t afford enough fresh fruit for their kids.  On… Continue Reading


Review: Vegetable Stew Blend by Augason Farms

It was a work day out at The Place today, and it’s a chilly one, with snow still hiding in every bit of shade.  It’d sure be nice to have a hot lunch. No, scratch that; it sure *was* nice… Continue Reading


Hatchet, axe, saw & battery powered tools: Why we choose them over gas powered rigs

Battery chain saws are quiet enough you can talk right over the top of them without raising your voice, whereas gas powered chain saws tell everybody within a mile or two of you exactly where you are, and that you are busy cutting wood, not paying attention to people who might be hunting you. Continue Reading


Streamlining ammo… why I only shoot a few sizes of shells

I keep reading posts and articles about preppers who have umpteen zillion guns, each one using a different caliber of ammo. “Hey, I’ve got 11 guns, a 12-gauge, a .410, a .22LR, a .22 Magnum .17 HMR that is SWEET,… Continue Reading