Unsafe Gun Handling: The most dangerous place around may be your Local Gun Shop (LGS)

Many local gun shops and gun retailers do a horrible job at safe gun handling. Let me preface this post by saying that there are many, many gun shops that do an outstanding job of gun safety and gun handling.… Continue Reading


URGENT! Buy Your Guns & Ammo Before The Grabbers Shut You Down!

A lot of people out there have relaxed following the recent election, a fact that is demonstrated by the huge downturn in sales of firearms and ammunition. Prices are dropping, we are seeking lower-end AR’s dropping below the $400 level… Continue Reading


Review: Cobra Firearms .22LR Derringer

Today’s review is the Cobra Firearms 22LR Derringer pocket gun. Philosophy Of Use: Derringers are useful for shooting bullets at targets that are very close to you. They are often used as pocket pistols, small and easy to conceal weapons… Continue Reading


Review: Ruger SR-22 Semi-Auto .22LR Pistol A Get-Home Bag Option?

Today’s review is of the Ruger SR-22. Ruger’s advertising bills this gun as the “Do-It-All .22 Pistol, for the shooter who appreciates style and demands reliability!” Does it live up to that hype? Well…. It depends. The gun certainly has… Continue Reading


Review: Phoenix Arms HP22A

Phoenix Arms HP22a

Today’s review is the Phoenix Arms HP22A .22 LR semi-automatic pistol with changeable barrels. Philosophy Of Use: I can go two ways on explaining this gun’s POU. 1) The Phoenix Arms HP22A is a gun that no survivalist in their… Continue Reading